And were off!


We have the packing blues

Well it’s the night before the grand adventure and how are we feeling? Anxious, unready, nervous, and flippin’ ready to get on that plane! The airport journey starts bright and early departing at 7:30 am and landing in San Francisco before our destination of Tokyo, Japan. We are trying to stick to a tight budget on this lengthy trip and have discovered that Tokyo and Budget don’t really go together, so we have opted out to stay outside the city in Yokohama for the first four nights. We have complete faith in our abilities to find the public tube that will take us to our destination… We think.  

The most anticipated part of Tokyo for Jessica is going to be meeting her highschool friend Lisa Uno, who lives in Tokyo. And eating fresh sushi, YUM!   For Aaron it is seeing a sumo fight.

Things at home are wrapping up and we are completing some last minute packing before having our goodbye family dinner. What have we requested for our last home cooked meal you ask? STEAK yum! Mom and Dad Sturtevant have been so helpful getting things together for our trip. Jim has promised to shave the mustache he has had since he was eighteen years old as our goodbye gift. Oooh we (mostly Jessica) hope he does! It will be one last go out with the girls tonight too for Jessica before the departure, that’s definitely a must. Well it’s time to get back to that mess called our luggage in the dinning room.

 “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”

 – John Steinbeck

Keep you updated as much as we can, thanks for reading


About Abroad With Aaron

Our names are Jessica and Aaron. We are fresh out of Canada sporting Education and Accounting degrees (consecutively) In search of the adventure we call life, we have taken off to see many countries and live and work in London. We started this blog to share our stories and adventures. Enjoy!

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  1. Enjoy! Have the time of your life. Be good to each other and please keep in touch, We will definitely check you blog.

    love you, Uncle Jim and Auntie Jane

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